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Important Notes

Payment of Tuition Fees

There are three payment options available - these are based on 1 hour long sessions:

Method of Payment:

Monthly: £101.33 

Term-Time: £420.33

Annual: £1,216

It is the student’s responsibility to have knowledge of and comply with the current syllabus requirements, except in cases where the individual is under 18 years of age. In which case, the parent will be responsible for the child’s compliance.

Music lessons run for one full hour (unless otherwise stated in the assessment status below) and all summer term band rehearsals run for two hours. Students are expected to be punctual for all lessons. We reserve the right to finish the lesson in time for the start of the next. The individual is expected to make the effort to complete all set homework activities.

In the event of a planned absence, 24 hours’ minimum notice must be given to I-Play Music Musical Artist Development Centre and should be in writing, sent by text or email; verbal communication of intended absence will not be actioned. All attendances including late arrivals and absences will be recorded. Disclosure of attendance will be available to view if requested by the parent or the attendance team of the school or college the individual is registered to. Express permission from parents or next of kin must be communicated to a member of the IPM Team, prior to collection of that student.

Application for study at I-Play Music Musical Artist Development Centre must be completed and submitted at the start of the Autumn Term. Applications submitted outside these times will be processed for the start of the nearest term date.

It is standard practise to give I-Play Music Musical Artist Development Centre notice of one full term in advance in writing for cancellation or opting out from the course, except in special circumstances. In such case, notice in writing is still standard practise. Please note, tuition fees will not be refunded for uncompleted courses.

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