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IPM Foundation Course

Debut Certificate

The Foundation course is all about getting students adjusted to playing their instrument and the learning of basic musical principles.

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IPM Stage 1

Preliminary Course Level 1

Grades 1 and 2 Certificate

In this stage, we focus on the fundamentals of playing and laying the foundations for future learning.

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IPM Stage 2

Intermediate Course Level 1 

Grade 3 Certificate

The Intermediate stage is transitional and is where we prepare the individual for the challenges that stages 3 & 4 demand.


IPM Stage 3

Intermediate Course Level 2 

Grades 4 and 5 Certificate

 Stage 3 is equivalent in standard to the first and second year of GCSE music.

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IPM Stage 4

Advanced Course Level 3

Grades 6 and 7 Certificate

Stage 4 is equivalent in difficulty to the first and second year of GCSE music. Performance grade is rated higher for UCAS points.


IPM Stage 5

 Advanced Course Level 3

Grade 8 Certificate

Stage 5 includes industry insight and financial IQ as the fundamentals for each area of learning. Students also discover how to earn and invest income. After this stage students will be able to go onto further education at university level or begin working within the music industry. Performance grade is rated higher for UCAS points.

UCAS Points

As well as being able to earn RSL certification through examinations, from Grade 6 you are able to earn UCAS points from these examinations. 


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