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On this course you will learn Music Production Theory, Listening Skills and practical skills. You will also be introduced to Professional scenarios where you will demonstrate your skills and creativity in simulated and professional scenarios.

Welcome to the new I-Play Music Dedicated Music College

Why I-Play Music?

Within a short time students learn how to sing and play their musical instruments to a very high standard, confidence grows and so does their self esteem. We teach students how to make music as a way of life, using skills easily transferable into any work environment. We now cater for One-Day a week part-time students too!

Below you can see...

  • Music Production

This course will include Music Theory, Listening Skills and Practical Instrumental Skills developed to cater for anyone wanting to produce, record, engineer, mix, master, compose or improve knowledge of traditional and contemporary production techniques. 


  • Process & Production (first year)

This course is geared towards gaining the skills to organise an event, show or production. It will teach you how to put the necessary processes in place to ensure your event is planned and prepared well.


  • Project Realisation (second year) 

In Project realisation you will organise and plan your own event, show or production.  You will be expected to demonstrate a practical understanding of the theoretical study that took place in Process and Production (First Year). 


  • Keyboard Foundation 

This course focuses on keyboard fundamentals such as chord/melody harmonisation, rhythms and how to best use the keyboard as a MIDI controller.  This course runs parallel with Music Production. 


  • Musical Instrument Erudition 

There are five musical instrument categories and these will be in group sessions, covering musical instrument knowledge, theory, techniques, and performance. Students who are ready will be expected to perform at the Concert & Presentation Awards in July at the end of the summer term. The group lessons on offer are listed below: - 


  • Acoustic & Electric Bass

  • Acoustic & Electric Drums 

  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar

  • Keys & Electric Piano 

  • Singing & Vocal Tec

I-Play Music Production Daytime courses are accredited by RSL Awards and commences 14th September 2020.

This course is for Year 10 & 11 plus sixth-form/college students only, studying during school and college time hours.

It is worth noting that we even support students doing GCSE courses.

I-Play Music College will be holding an Open Day at its new site in Autumn 2020 and will be at the

Old Town Hall, Woodcote Road, Wallington, SM6 0NB. The Course is designed to run for a duration of two-academic years. 

All courses are wide ranging to include a First & Second Study musical instrument, Music Production, Music Theory, Songwriting and Focus Study on Live and Recording Studio Session Working. 

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