Instrumental Group Tuition

Here, our focus is on instrumental group tuition in primary schools. We have a minimum of four and a maximum of five students in any one session, where they can achieve great results in a relatively short time.

These instrumental programs have been designed to take place and to be delivered in schools within the local and wider communities. We plan a total of 30 lessons across the academic year and these lessons run for 30-minutes duration.

The first 2 terms namely autumn and spring are based on developing the musical skills of individuals within groups, the summer term is focused on band rehearsals, preparing them for summer concerts.

In addition, students are encouraged to study for their Rockschool Debut or Grade 1 Music exam during. 


To keep track of all of this, each student is issued with a Learning Diary that itemises the syllabus and all important dates. 

IPM Music Courses

We have established five instrumental courses. These are: -


  1. Acoustic & Electric Bass Guitar

  2. Acoustic & Electric Drums and Percussion

  3. Acoustic and Electric Guitar

  4. Keys & Electric Piano

  5. Singing and Vocals

All the courses above are available to anyone but must pass the assessment test during the first half of autumn term before being enrolled. 

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