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Preparing you for the start of term

The start of every new academic year is always a very busy time and no matter how we try, there are always something about the timetable and lesson planning to amend. (See timetable below).

We try to be as flexible wherever we can but the periods on our timetable will always remain as is (sign-in to view the current populated timetable).

As from September 2024, 12 months in advance notice, we will import the new changes to the way our timetable works.

Where we have students studying at Level 1, their timeslots will be in Period 1 (60 minutes green column).

Students studying at Level 2 will be assigned to Period 2 (90 minutes red column), and students studying at Level 3 will be assigned to Period 3 (90 minutes blue column).

It would mean that parents and student will have to ensure that they are committed to studying at I-Play Music, and that the lesson start times will be adhered to. This will make populating the timetable process much easier for everyone.

However, it would mean that students continuing would have to confirm their places for the next academic year, mid spring term. New student enrolment will also be changed with taster-sessions taking place around the same time.

This notice will remain here throughout the academic year so as to make our intentions clear.

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