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What's happening this week Monday 19th February?

The mock exams were initially set for the week before spring half term, specifically on Monday, 5th, and Tuesday, 6th February 2024. The centre was planned to close from Wednesday, 7th, and reopen on Monday, 19th, when normal lessons would resume. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, I've had to defer the mock exams. Therefore, I informed everyone that lessons would continue as normal from Monday, 5th, to Saturday, 10th February, and they did.

Fast forward to the current week: the rescheduled mock exams, scheduled for Monday, 19th, and Tuesday, 20th February, have caused the centre to close from Wednesday onward for the rest of the week. The lessons originally planned for this week have been rescheduled or moved to the week before half term.

In short, those lessons took place in the weeks preceding the current one.

I trust this all makes sense.

Incidentally, students who have already been informed about their assessment, will have this during their next lesson. There will be no need to contact us about this.

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