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The IPM News This Week...

The I-Play Music Open Day is this Saturday 15th June 2024. The day will begin at 11am and end at 1pm. It will be held in a gazebo outside of I-Play Music for easy access for the general public. We will be welcoming those that want to book taster sessions, with the view of joining us for the start of the autumn term in September. There will be students rehearsing for the annual Concert and Presentation Awards which will be good for all to see. We look forward to seeing you here.

A heads up!

The remainder of this term is fully focused on students rehearsing and recording for this year's Concert and Presentation Award 2024.

The I-Play Music Concert and Presentation Awards is set for a 3pm start on Sunday 14th July 2024. It is at the Cryer Arts Centre, 39 High Street, Carshalton, SM5 3BB. The date is week commencing Monday 8th July 2024, highlighted in blue in the Learning Diary below...

Concert and Presentation Awards 2024

The Concert and Presentation Awards, (CAPA), is scheduled for a 3pm start. After the event, all students break up for the summer holidays.

Final Phase of Term

We are in the final phase of the summer term and on our part, there is much to be done. Working backwards from the concert and presentation date, Sunday 14th July 2024, there are three main dates to note. These are:

Monday 8th July. Full Dress Rehearsal Week.

·         The actual day of the full-dress rehearsal is this date. A video recording of all bands in rehearsal will ensue and will be shown to all participants during this week in band rehearsals.

Monday 1st July. End of Year Reports

·         End of year reports will be posted to students via student portal this week.

Tuesday 11th June 2024

·         From this date four weeks of band rehearsals remain, session 7 through to and including session 10. The full-dress rehearsal is on Monday 8th July 2024. To bring it home it means level 1 bands have 4hrs of rehearsals remaining, and level 2/3 bands have 6hrs.


The structure of the Concert and Presentation Awards event will be divided into the following: -

1.      Introduction. Connie and I will be setting the tone for the show with a brief talk about I-Play Music and then we will introduce the running order for that half of the show. (15 minutes)

2.      Part 1. Performances. Each band will be introduce prior to stage entry.

3.      Interval. Students of the last band before the break to announce interval information to audience.

4.      Part 2. Performances. Connie and Myke to introduce the first act for the final part of the show.

5.      Interval. Short break to set up for the presentation.

6.      Part 3. Presentation of Certificate of Achievements and RSL Awards Exam Certificates, will be followed by closing speech from Connie and Myke.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone involved, a very productive and enjoyable experience over the coming weeks, and for this event to be the best yet.

UCAS at I-Play Music.

We have an inclusion of information pertaining to UCAS Points and Tariff Points on the other page; this is particularly helpful for those planning their route into university and offers some guidance on what is achievable at IPM.


We will continue with making small changes to this website during the spring and summer term, in order to improve communications and a better relationship with the outside world.



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