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I-Play Music News Update

Covid_19 has had a major impact in all of our lives, forcing us to make important decisions and to change the way we do things.

Here at I-Play Music, we have adapted by teaching lessons on line and this has proved to be effective and successful. We are now teaching students who initially stopped having lessons for geographical reasons and has since returned because of online lessons.

We take pride in the fact that we remain the leader on the structure and delivery of our style of teaching and learning and we will continue to strive for better until we become the best.

Video Exams

Students who have submitted their videos, will be notified of when the results art ready and these will be posted via the student portal.

I-Play Music Show 2020

We are fast approaching half term, eight weeks before the I-Play Music Show 2020. This is to be streamed live via our YouTube channel on Saturday 18th July 2020.

We have decided to go ahead and plan the show because we believe it’s the next best thing after the concert and presentation awards we run every year.

In order to do this, we will be opening our doors in June for studio recordings. We will issue a timetable supported with information, outlining the exact protocol that we all must get to know and follow precisely; more on this in the next news bulletin.


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