I-Play Music final week of term!

At last, we have lift off! The I-Play Music Collective are now on the road to perform more live shows after a successful weekend of dynamic performances. It was thrilling to see, on their debut gig at a festival in Hampshire, how they brought the audience to the stage, dancing and singing. At the Concert and Presentation Awards (CAPA), the audience were simply in awe at the band's performance and, despite the heat, at the end, no-one wanted to leave, they wanted more!

Besides this, all the other students who took part in the CAPA, collectively did their part in producing performances, way above the standard the audience expected. I took the little window of time I had, to speak to as many parents and everyone else who was there. The comments I received were unanimous, it was the best concert to date.

After an extremely busy but fantastic weekend for all of our students, we are now in the debrief and reports week. The final schedule for this term commences tomorrow Tuesday 19th July. This is the first time that we are preparing this early for the next musicademic year.

This week all students will be receiving their end of term reports with a debrief of their involvement of the concert. It will be a time of reflection and the opportunity for anyone to have their say, what went well, even better if, for next year's Concert and Presentation Awards.