IPM Mock Exam Week 8th February 2020

At I-Play Music we are approaching the time of year where students are preparing to take their mock exams ahead of the RSL Awards Graded Exams in March. Usually, all the students would arrive at the I-Play Music Centre at their usual lesson time and sit a mock exam with a tutor who doesn’t usually teach them. As with everything in the current time, we decided to make a few changes again this year.

So that we are working in tandem with RSL, we are making it our policy to include video mock exams as part of the syllabus. This has proven to be hugely successful last year as it has resulted in all our candidate entries achieving Merits and Distinctions. Additionally, this method gives our students the opportunity to observe their strengths and weaknesses and thus make quick progress through repetition of recordings.

For those students that took video exams in the summer term last year, the process will be very much the same. Students must:

Perform all 3 of their chosen pieces

  • Perform all of their Technical Work

  • Record the video in one continuous take

  • Send the videos files to admin@iplaymusic.org using WeTransfer ONLY

For the video exams there is no requirement for the students to complete the Sight Reading/Improvising, Ear Tests or General Musicianship Questions section of their books.

This means that during the week of the 8th – 13th February there will be no online lessons for exam candidates. Instead students must complete and submit their mock exam video by Saturday the 13th of February at 15:30hrs. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a delay to submit the final exam videos of ALL candidates to the RSL examiners.

Attached is RSL’s How to guide for the video mock exams. If you, the student, have any further questions or queries please contact your tutor via your student portal. Please be aware that the student portal is not designed for parents to get in direct contact with the tutors. If you, the parent, would like to get in contact, please do so through admin@iplaymusic.org.

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