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The IPM News This Week...


The arrival time for all students has changed, due to a church service finishing at 1pm.

This means that we will not be able to gain access to the venue until after 1pm.


The timetable for this week was updated today, showing the band ‘I-Play Music Understudy’ (IPMCUS), and the ‘IPM Collective’ scheduled for an extra rehearsal timeslot. Additionally, the timetable combines weeks 45 [28] and 46 [29], with the latter containing information related to the Concert and Presentation Awards 2024.

Sunday, July 14th, 2024

This day marks our CAPA 2024 event and the Euros 2024 cup final between Spain and England!

All participants taking part in our event should arrive by 12noon. Parents and guardians can have Sunday brunch and a drink downstairs in the Cryer Arts restaurant and bar. Parents, please ensure that your child has a bottle of water and something to eat before the show. There will be a break during the walkthrough for them to chill and relax.

IPM Concert and Presentation Awards 2024

The Concert and Presentation Awards (CAPA) will begin at 3pm and end at 5:30pm. The summer holidays commence after the show.


The structure of the Concert and Presentation Awards event will be divided into the following: -

1.      Introduction. Connie and Myke will be setting the tone for the show with a brief talk about I-Play Music and then we will introduce the running order for the first half of the show. (15 minutes)

2.      Part 1. Performances. Each band will be introduced prior to stage entry by Sade.

3.      Interval. Students of the last band before the break to announce interval information to audience.

4.      Part 2. Performances. Connie and Myke to introduce the first act for the second half of the show.

5.      Interval. Short break to set up for the presentation.

6.      Part 3. Presentation of Certificate of Achievements and RSL Awards Exam Certificates, will be followed by a closing speech from Connie and Myke.

Other news

End-of-year reports will be posted to students via the student portal as soon as possible after the end of the show.

And finally

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone involved, a very productive and enjoyable experience over the remaining days, and for this event to be the best yet. Best of luck with the remaining preparations! Enjoy the show!


We will continue with making small changes to this website during the spring and summer term, in order to improve communications and a better relationship with the outside world.



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