RSL Examinations 2021

Dear students and parents

We know you have been working extremely hard all year preparing for your RSL Graded Exams and we are confident that you will achieve very good results. As with everyone, Covid-19 has changed the way we work. We’re in the final stretch of preparations for these exams so I am writing to update you on the finalised plans.

From the online Learning Diary, you will note that the days allocated for these exams are the 29th and 30th of March. Having reviewed the current Covid-19 guidelines and taken advise from the appropriate industry bodies, we have decided to still offer these dates for students to take their exams face-to-face. However, we are aware that there will still be some concerns regarding attending the site. To accommodate these, we are giving you the option to take either a face-to-face exam or submit a video exam in the same way as when you submitted your Video Mock Exam. However, we are only able to offer this option to level 1 and 2 students (Debut to grade 5) - Level 3 students (Grade 6 to 8) will be required to attend the site for a face-to-face exam. If there are any concerns about this, please get in contact with our admin team and we will endeavour to advise you accordingly and if necessary, make suitable arrangements.

We do need to let RSL know how many of you will be attending face-to-face exams so we ask that any of you wanting to take up this option, to inform us via email to before Wednesday the 24th

All video exams will also need to be submitted by the end of our dedicated exam dates, as such these will need to be received by I-Play Music by 17:00hrs on the Wednesday the 24th of March. As with the mock exams, videos must be submitted using a file transfer site to; parents, please include your child’s name, instrument and grade in the subject line of the email. If you have any other queries regarding the structure of the video exam, please get in touch with your tutor or refer to the RSL online guide. There are a few key differences between the two exam methods that you the student should be reminded of before deciding which method of exam you would like to take. For both exams, you will have to perform all 3 of the songs you have prepared and all Technical Exercises, even those not shown in your book. In recording your video exams you will have to perform the extended version of your Technical Exercises as detailed in the RSL guide which can be found by tapping here. For the face-to-face exams you will need to be prepared to: -

  • - Perform your sight reading/improvisation

  • - Complete your Ear Tests, and,

  • - Answer your General Musicianship Questions

Please ensure you take all of the above into consideration when weighing up your options. Additionally, it is recommended that you ask your tutor for their advice and opinion on what would be best for your individual needs and abilities.

If you have any further concerns or enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via email to: -, or via telephone: 0208 935 5447.

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