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I-Play Music College

It is an expected slow start, but we are now running Music Performance for the I-Play Music Collective students at I-Play Music College. However, the subjects of Mathematics, English Language, Business Studies, Music Theory, Music Production, Process & Production and Project Realisation, have been put on hold until we open the doors for enrolments after open evening in January 2023. The college is still on course to open during October 2023. We will also be accepting students outside of I-Play Music for study at A-Level. However, non-I-Play Music students will not be able to enrol until January 2023 for the start of term in October 2023.

NOTICE: Update on Building Work

Due to the building work, we advise that ALL parent/students take extra precaution when entering and exiting the building as for the people who have lessons in the evening, it will get dark much earlier and we do not want anyone to have an accident. We will be putting up a light near the corridor as soon as possible for an easier access.

Social Media

We will also be back on the social platforms as we have a NEW MEMBER of staff who will be working closely with Myke and Jemini dealing with that. Please do check us out!

Instagram: i_playmusic_ipm

Tiktok: iplaymusic_IPM

Youtube: I-Play Music

Learning Diaries

A quick note on Learning Diaries. Parents and students are responsible for their Learning Diaries and must bring it with them to every lesson along with their grade book. If the Learning Diary is not produced on arrival to lesson, the tutor deserves the right to not back date any comments. If the Learning Diary is lost, a cost of £10 is due for a replacement.

Tuition Fees

The cost of tuition fees will remain the same. However, it is compulsory to authorise the direct debit mandate we send out to all when enrolling on any of our courses. I-Play Music will not conduct or carry-out any tuition if direct debiting mandates are not authorised by the payee of tuition fees. We have given strict instructions that we will not be accepting cash payments, credit transfers, or faster BACS payments.