The I-Play Music Centre is the place where developing the musical ability of individuals occurs, regardless of age. Individuals are encouraged to work towards achieving a Graded or a Performance Certificate from Debut to Grade 8.


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Meet the Team

Myke Masters Lewis

Hi I'm Myke and I'd like to welcome you to I-Play Music if you want to learn how to master your instrument with the help of professional tutors in the music industry, Then this is the place where it all happens.

Since 2013 and under the I-Play Music name, my focus then and now, is geared towards personal development through one-to-one tuition and then bringing people together in bands or groups to perform in front of audiences. Students learn how to sing and play their musical instruments with much enthusiasm and all with varying levels of competence. Our students work towards a recognised qualification set in March and also get to perform at the Concert and Presentation Awards in July each year. I ensure that performances are videoed and are uploaded to the Media pull-down menu on the IPM website before the autumn term begins in September.

Connie Lewis

Liaison Manager

Arthur Connolly

Audio Infrastructure Manager

Leah Morris 

Business & Finance Manager

Jemini Rock

Marketing & IT Manager

Ryan Nicholls

Head Tutor

Carole Hay 

IPM Tutor


I-Play Music boast state of the art musical equipment. There are three rooms, a Live Room a Control Room and a Music Production suite.

The Live Room: Facilities include an Electric Bass Station, Drums Station, Acoustic & Electric Guitar Station, Keys & Piano Station and Vocals Station; these are designated areas for teaching and recording applications.

The Control Room: Where all recording and sound engineering takes place. Analogue and digital formats are employed including Analogue 8 Track, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, and Cubase. Twenty-four track analogue desks are used for real time live recording applications for individual and full band applications.


Music Production Suite: This area has designated work stations including stand alone computers and keyboards. The room is reserved for music production students, enabling them to create, compose and produce their own music using software programmes such as Logic Pro and Garage Band.

Within the four and a half hard but fun years, I’ve been tutored in vocals at I-Play Music, I developed and became a performer at grade eight. I gained confidence when performing and have learnt so much about the different aspects and branches of music. Myke is a great tutor, an amazing multi instrumentalist and a pitch perfect friend who saw the potential in my talent way before I did.


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