The Musical Artist Development Centre and College

About Us

I-Play Music caters for the serious minded and focuses on individual’s personal development through one-to-one tuition. From here, everyone is teamed together and placed into bands or groups and could perform at the prestigious I-Play Music Concert and Presentation Awards, set in July every year.


Students personal skills develop through learning how to sing and play their musical instruments. Enthusiasm builds almost instantly through the efforts and commitments of all I-Play Music’s Tutors.


All students take a Mock Exam in January. A high number of students work towards the RSL Awards qualification and all students are presented with a Certificate of Achievement at the main event.


We provide instrumental lessons for: 

  • Acoustic & Electric Bass Guitar 

  • Acoustic & Electric Drums 

  • Electric Piano

  • Acoustic & Electric Guitar

  • Music Production

  • Vocal Tec


I-Play Music is expanding and we can be contacted through the RSL website: 


Within the four and a half hard but fun years, I’ve been tutored in vocals at I-Play Music, I developed and became a performer at grade eight. I gained confidence when performing and have learnt so much about the different aspects and branches of music. Myke is a great tutor, an amazing multi instrumentalist and a pitch perfect friend who saw the potential in my talent way before I did.