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This week is Analysis of Exams

Analysis and evaluation of exam results based on Command of Instrument, Sync or Pulse, Accuracy & Understanding, and Style & Expression, will be the agenda for this entire week (see below). All IPM and GHS students who are awaiting their April results and those who have had their march assessments, will still be included.

Where results are available, these will be shared during the course of the lesson, and preparing for the next grade will also be discussed.


Band rehearsals commence with student band allocation next week with the view of actual rehearsals beginning the week after.


We at I-Play Music pride ourselves with being an establishment where all our level 3 students can earn up to 30 UCAS points through the courses we offer. (See IPM and UCAS Points),

Assessment Criteria

You will be marked on the assessment criteria below...

1. Command of Instrument The quality of the sound produced from the instrument, including the consistency of sound / tone, control of sound / tone commensurate with grade.


2. Sync or Pulse Alignment of the performance to backing track, metronome or applied to a solo performance, observing notation markings. For unaccompanied pieces candidates should maintain a secure internal pulse and adjust the pulse where instructed within the music.


3. Accuracy and Understanding Representing the written notation accurately, except by instruction through performance notes, or interpreting the written part with equivalent skills demonstrated. Secure understanding of musical structure evidenced through transitions of phrases, bars, and sections.


4. Style and Expression An expressive and commanding performance of the notated material dictated by the demands of the performance piece.



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