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Tuition Fee Structure Explained!

Dear Parents and Students,

We've recently received some queries about the inclusion of the August payment, particularly in light of the absence of classes during that month. Allow me to provide a more detailed explanation.

1. Our payment schedule spans from August to July, encompassing the entire academic year [Example: August 2023 - July 2024]. This structure ensures that tuition fees are evenly distributed, making the financial commitment more manageable for our valued students and parents.

2. The August payment serves as an advance instalment for the forthcoming academic year. This approach enables us to spread the total cost across 12 months, rather than just the 11 months when lessons take place. Therefore, if your enrolment takes place in September, two payments are required to align with this schedule.

[For example, you have authorised your GoCardless in September, which means that both your August and September payments will be collected. From October onwards, normal monthly payments will be collected until July.]

3. Furthermore, if you encounter any difficulty in subscribing to your GoCardless account, which our academic team has sent, please be assured that once the subscription is completed, any outstanding fees up to date will be automatically collected by GoCardless. This system operates seamlessly and ensures a hassle-free payment process.

We'd like to highlight that the design of monthly payments is aimed at easing the financial load for our users. However, it's important to note that your total course fee is based on the number of hours in your course.

To provide further clarity, let's consider an example using different hourly rates:

Example 1:

- Hourly rate: £29.50

- Total lessons: 38

- Annual cost: £29.50 × 38 = £1,121.00

- Monthly payment: £1,121.00 / 12 = £93.42

- Payment period: August to July

Example 2:

- Hourly rate: £27.40

- Total lessons: 38

- Annual cost: £27.40 × 38 = £1,041.20

- Monthly payment: £1,041.20 / 12 = £86.77

- Payment period: August to July

We genuinely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. If you have any further questions or need additional clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach out to us via @Head of Finance and @Ruth Anderson for payment inquiries.

Your support is instrumental in creating a successful and enriching educational experience.

Best regards

The I-Play Music Admin Team

Autumn Term Timetable 2023

The I-Play Music autumn term began Monday 11th September and will be updated until student lesson times have been confirmed. This can be located via the homepage on this website. Click or tap the square blue box containing the three white lines found at the top of the page.

As a reminder for existing, and as a source of information for new parents and students, the timetable displays different colour timeslot sections for a reason.

The timeslot sections, green, red, and blue, mean Level 1: (60 minutes), Level 2: (90 minutes), and Level 3: (90 minutes) respectively. Level 1 students, Grades 1 to 3, are usually young in age and are allocated Period 1 and 2 timeslots. We try as best as we can to allocate the best times for all our students but we too have a certain level of commitment as far as fixed times are concerned.

Any students whose name is in red font is waiting to be reshuffled to a more convenient timeslot, but please note that the timetable structure cannot be changed. In light of this, the periods of the timetable continue to be set in stone and are as follows: -

Monday to Friday

Period 1: 16:10 to 17:10 = 60 minutes

Period 2: 17:20 to 18:50 = 90 minutes

Period 3: 19:00 to 20:30 - 90 minutes


Period 1: 10:00 to 11:30 = 90 minutes

Period 2: 11:30 to 12:30 = 60 minutes

Period 3: 12:40 to 14:10 - 90 minutes

Sundays - CLOSED

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