I-Play Music Standards of Admission Policy

Learning how to play or sing your music to a high standard and with utmost passion, requires a certain level of commitment and unsupervised practise. Practise is essential and it is an integral part of learning any musical instrument. So therefore, the following criteria must be met.

The I-Play Music Standards of Admission Policy is centred on students enrolling for musical instrument lessons. In doing so, it is imperative to understand, that you the student must put in the necessary homework practise needed to do well throughout your time at I-Play Music; it is not a place for those not intending to apply themselves.

During the assessment, the factors we to take into consideration when accepting students are: -

Being prepared to do homework and to commit to practising using an arranged schedule for the entire year

  1. Really wanting to learn how to play and perform with your musical instrument of choice at the Concert a Presentation Awards

  2. Being prepared to sign-up to our student portal and check fortnightly for homework and any important news bulletins

  3. Accepting the Learning Diary as your most important document and to bring it to all lessons including band rehearsals.

Once we all agree with the outcome of the assessment, we expect you or your child to: -

Enrol through completing the IPM Application & Registration form ideally in the presence of a member of the IPM SLT

  1. Apply total commitment to your course for the duration of your time at IPM  

  2. Demonstrate understanding of the criteria for study including the use of Learning Diary, use of online Homework and Practise Diaries, the important necessity of taking video mock exams and preparing for and performing at the Concert and Presentation Awards set in the second or third week of July each year.

Assessment or Taster Lesson. During the 25-minute lesson, students will be assessed to see whether they: -

  1. have the ability to carry out instructions with minimum fuss

  2. have the ability to concentrate/focus on the activity or task presented by the tutor over a period of time  

  3. are demonstrating the right aptitude and attitude for learning

  4. have the willingness to try different approaches to learn a skill to aid or speed up learning

Completing the Application & Registration Form

The Application & Registration form will be completed fully with no omissions and presented to a member of the I-Play Music Senior Leadership Team. This is usually carried out during the taster lesson so that if there are any questions, they can be answered then. Lesson allocation will be arranged and the Tutor Admin Officer will talk about the settling in period and talk about other important factors such as student expectations. The Application and Registration form will be scanned and a copy sent by email to the person who signed it; the original Application & Registration form will be used for the purposes intended only and filed away securely. The person who signs the Application and Registration Form will be responsible for all tuition and exam fees. 


Making the First Payment​

Our academic payment terms run from the initial enrolment month which is 15th August through until the 15th July the following year. The procedure for monthly payments is different if starting late in the year. The first is a double payment and is due at the start of term, notably autumn and spring. Booking a taster lesson can be applied for at any time of the year and if successful, notification of when to start and a reminder of when and how to make the first payment will ensue.  


Applying for an Assessment or Taster Lesson

To apply for a taster lesson, please visit our contact page and complete the online form. The information you provide will enable a member of the I-Play Music Admin Team to respond to your enquiry.​ At I-Play Music our standard is to get the best out of every individual in the way we teach, coach and train. From the beginning, I-Play Music students learn to play and perform in their chosen musical field in a supportive and conducive environment. Ideally, anyone from the age of 10 is welcome to enrol and we cater for the complete novice right through to the advanced student who may need to improve their techniques. On offer we have available the following courses of practical study:

Bass Lessons, Drum Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Piano Lessons, Vocal Lessons and Music Production Classes.
Individuals will experience learning on a two-to-one basis from September 2021 to March 2022 and then working in groups within a band setting, from April to July. Lesson duration ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes from age 10 to adult respectively. 

The first three years are highly recommended and are also ideally suited to support individuals who study classroom music in primary and secondary schools. Being a Rockschool Approved Examination Centre, learning resources are supplied for every study program we offer. All stages include learning three performance songs with technical exercises and Practical theory combined.

More detailed information on all courses can be found in the Courses page.