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I-Play Music Standards of Admission Policy 2023 to 2025

Learning to play or sing music at a high standard and with genuine passion requires a significant level of commitment and diligent practise. Practising is fundamental and plays a crucial role in mastering any musical instrument. The I-Play Music Standards of Admission Policy focuses on students enrolling for musical instrument lessons and participating in events. It is essential to recognise that as a student, putting in the consistent effort in homework practise is vital for success at I-Play Music. Our institution values dedication, and it is important for students to apply themselves earnestly throughout their time here.

From September to December each year, individuals will be engaged in personalised learning lessons on a two-to-one basis. Students at primary school age will enjoy 60 minutes of learning with one peer, while secondary to adult students will enjoy 75 or 90 minutes with one peer. From the last week of December through the first week in January, all students will dedicate time to completing their homework assignments. This period prepares them for mock exams in February and the RSL Awards exams in March. Starting in April and continuing through the summer term, the focus shifts to performances preparation including both small and large band rehearsals.


The Initial Assessment.

During the initial assessment, the factors we take into consideration when accepting candidates as students are: -

  1. Wanting to learn to play and perform with the musical instrument of their choice and participate in the Concert and Presentation Awards and other musical events. To qualify, completion of one full academic year is usually required.

  2. Being prepared to put in the time needed and to commit to practising using an arranged schedule for the entire year.

  3. Being prepared to register for student portal and to use it for lesson related communication including homework help, links to other pages, and any important news bulletins.

  4. Recognising that the Learning Diary is an important resource and is crucial for supplying up-to-date lesson information, and to bring it to all lessons and band rehearsals; online students will need to login to access it.

Candidates will also be assessed to see whether they: -

  1. Have the ability to carry out instructions with minimum fuss and are prepared to try and achieve a positive outcome.

  2. Have the ability to concentrate/focus on the activity or task presented by the tutor over a period of 15 to 20 minutes.

  3. Are demonstrating the right aptitude and attitude for learning.

  4. Have the willingness to try different approaches to learn a particular skill, so as to aid or speed up learning.

Once we all agree with the outcome of the assessment, we expect the parent or you the student if 18 or over to: -

  1. Enrol through completing the Application & Registration Form ideally in the presence of a member of the IPM SLT.

  2. Once enrolled and lessons started, apply total commitment to your course for the duration of your time at IPM.

  3. Demonstrate understanding of the criteria for study including the use of Learning Diary, use of the Student Portal and online Homework and Practise Assignments, the important necessity of taking video mock exams, and preparing for and participating at the Concert and Presentation Awards set in the second or third week in July each year.

Applying for a Music Course at I-Play Music

We accept students from the age of 10 (YR5) but this can depend on a number of factors such as experience, and whether or not if gifted or talented. We cater for the complete novice to anyone wanting to improve their limited skills with fresh ideas and techniques. Applications for our courses run the last two-weeks of May, notably Monday 20th to Friday 24th, and Monday 27th to Friday 31st respectively. Once accepted, lessons will commence during the second week of term in September 2024.


Students and parents must always ensure that evaluations and any homework activities are communicated to the I-Play Music tutor via the Chat Bubble on the Student Portal; log-in is a requirement in order for this action to take place. The session tutor is not allowed to rearrange a previously confirmed lesson time without first consulting the student and the Head Tutor of I-Play Music. We may sometimes arrange for students to have online lessons with a carefully selected and aptly qualified tutor.


Applications for our courses run the last two-weeks of May, notably Monday 20th to Friday 24th, and Monday 27th to Friday 31st respectively. To apply for music lessons, please visit and navigate to our contact page. Complete the online form including your phone number and click send. The information you provide will enable the I-Play Music Admin Team to contact you and setup a taster / workshop session, within a short time frame.

Completing the Application & Registration Form

The Application & Registration Form will be forwarded to the designated individual for completion and signing. When submitting online, ensure the document is fully filled out without any omissions, DocuSigned, and returned to the Head of Finance at Following this step, lesson allocation will be promptly organised. A member of the IPM Admin Team will reach out to discuss the transition period and essential details, including student expectations. The Application & Registration Form will be scanned, and a copy will be emailed to the individual responsible for signing it.  The original form will be securely stored and used for its intended purposes by I-Play Music Ltd. The signatory of the form will be legally bound by its terms and conditions, assuming responsibility for all tuition and exam fees.


Initiating the First Payment​

Our academic payment terms are effective from the month of initial enrolment. For the period of 2024, this begins on Thursday, August 1st, and runs through to Tuesday, July 15th, 2025. To ensure receipt of tuition fees, early payment in July is recommended. Payment options include a one-time annual payment or a three-term time-based payment. Due to previous experiences, the monthly payment scheme is no longer available.

The first three years of study are pivotal for establishing a solid foundation in the techniques relevant to the instrument being studied. It is essential to highlight that students often overlook this aspect, prompting us to conduct regular assessment sessions. As an Approved Examination Centre by RSL Awards, we provide high-quality learning resources for every program we offer, including our proprietary courses. Each stage involves mastering three performance songs along with technical exercises and Practical Theory components. For more in-depth details about all our courses, you can refer to the Courses page at


I-Play Music Tutors


What are the responsibilities for the I-Play Music Tutor?

The following responsibilities are crucial for ensuring a successful and supportive learning environment for students at I-Play Music.

  • Adhering to the tutor schedule, arrive punctually, and be fully prepared for the day's sessions

  • Develop additional educational materials to enrich students’ learning experiences

  • Evaluate the progress of assigned students using the student portal to ensure effective learning processes

  • Design engaging and educational lessons to captivate and instruct students effectively

  • Maintain an organised and conducive workspace within the tutoring area for students

  • Create a friendly, encouraging, and welcoming atmosphere for students upon their arrival at I-Play Music

  • Establish communication with parents to update them on students’ progress and areas requiring improvement

  • Promote and uphold high standards for academic achievement and behaviour, encouraging students to meet these standards consistently

  • Identify and address any anxieties or concerns displayed by students promptly, seeking ways to alleviate their unease

  • Immediately report any significant concerns to the head tutor or Liaison Officer as soon as they arise

[This Standards of Admission Policy may be updated without notice].

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