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Classroom Music & GCSE Tuition


Classroom Music at I-Play Music

I-Play Music have been delivering Classroom Music Theory and Music Performance in primary and secondary schools for over 16 years. ​

Music Theory

This is academically based as it relates to education and can lead to scholarship. We have Schemes of Work that are tailored to both Key-Stage 2 and Key-Stage 3 year groups. Topics taught are based on Notation, Key Signatures, Time Signatures and Note Values. 

Music Performance

Performance plays a fundamental role in I-Play Music. So we encourage all of our students to participate in events and end of year performances. Any student who have passed the graded music exam during the year, will be presented with their certificate at the event.

YR10 and YR11 GCSE Music Tuition

(Level 2 Grade 4 and 5) 

We provide Level 2 Extra-Curricular Tuition to support YR10 and YR11 students taking their GCSE Music.


What we do:

Students are always coming to us for help because often times, they have to produce a piece of music equivalent to that of Grade 4 and 5. Having had little or no prior knowledge of music at this level, can be stressful and this is where we come in. We enhance your learning by tailoring your lesson to your individual needs.

If your school does not have the GCSE Music option, then you can enrol on our RSL accredited course. (Learn More)